Trusted and Safe Wallet – Deposit With Cryptocurrency On i8

The use of cryptocurrencies has seen significantly greater adoption ever since its heyday in the late 2000s. From daily transactions, investments to remittances, the crypto industry is set to experience a trend of increased regulation and greater decentralisation in the years to come.

In layman’s terms, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. Any transaction, whether money in or out, is verified and recorded by a decentralized system – its biggest appeal.

As cryptocurrency adoption continues in the context of online casinos, its usage for making deposits has become more widespread. Fiat currencies get sidelined in favour of the advantages it brings over using a bank to deposit funds into your account.


Advantages of Cryptocurrency Adoption

One of the advantages that entices cryptocurrency adoption is the significantly lower fees you pay compared to other banking methods that syphon your bankroll with transaction fees. Most transactions are free, and those that carry a fee tend to be extremely manageable.

Not only that, cryptocurrency withdrawals happen instantly such that your cash is immediately available to you after the withdrawal is executed, putting an end to the days of long processing times.

But the most important advantage of using cryptocurrencies at online casinos is that this method keeps customers’ personal information safe. Rather than directly supplying your bank details, credit card information, billing address and other information to an online gambling, cryptocurrencies only require you to provide your wallet address—itself being encrypted for additional security.

Cryptocurrency Advantages

Therefore, if you are concerned about information falling into the wrong hands, then cryptocurrencies are what you should be using for all of your online casino banking transactions.

There is no doubt that the future lies in cryptocurrencies with all the advantages that it offers, as evidenced by the increased adoption among users across a variety of industries.

The future is dynamic and evolving, and i8 is ever ready to embrace it. We are a platform that strives to be the best in our industry and is tirelessly discovering new ways to improve our offerings and the user experience on our platform.

That said, i8 has also adopted cryptocurrency transactions, so our customers can enjoy more flexibility.

How to Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account

Together we DirePay, a leading online crypto payment gateway, you can now deposit into your i8 account with the Bitcoin (BTC), ETH (Ethereum), and USDT (Tether) cryptocurrencies. DirePay acts as a ‘processor’ that converts digital money to fiat (our “normal” money) currency.

Steps to Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account

You will need i8 Online Casino’s wallet address to store the funds you send from your preferred cryptocurrency platform, which will be credited into your i8 account. Follow these simple steps to deposit funds into your i8 account via cryptocurrency:

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-1

Step 2: Select ‘Deposit’.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-2

Step 3: Select ‘Cryptocurrency’ in Deposit Methods.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-3

Step 4: Select your payment method to ‘Direpay’ & choose your preferred cryptocurrency. Then, enter the amount to deposit.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-4

Step 5: You will receive a QR code with a wallet address. Keep these details for later.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-5

Setting Up Your Preferred Crypto Platform to Send Funds Into Your i8 Account

Next, use your preferred platform to transfer funds. In this example, we’ll be using Luno. If you’ve already sent cryptocurrency before, you can skip to ‘Send Cryptocurrency Using Luno’*.

*First-time senders must wait 24 hours before being able to send cryptocurrency.

Step 1: On your Luno homepage, select ‘Send’ and enable the option.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-7

Step 2: Select ‘Authorise’.

 Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-8_2

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation message upon authorisation.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-9

Send Cryptocurrency Using Luno

Step 1: To transfer, select ‘Wallets’ from the menu. Then select ‘Send’.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-10

Step 2: Enter the wallet address that you are sending to. (You can also use the QR code option on the top right (outlined in red) to scan the QR code you received in the previous section.)

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-11

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to send.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-12


Step 4: Review the details and confirm the transaction.

Deposit Cryptocurrency Into Your i8 Account-13

Are There Fees for Sending Crypto?

Fees are charged depending on the level of activity on the blockchain network at the time of transfer. The fees charged will be displayed before the transaction is confirmed. Also, sending Bitcoin (BTC) to an email address or mobile number is instant and free.

An Easy Experience Awaits You on i8

Easily transfer funds to your account using your platform of choice. Players can enjoy sportsbook, live casino, slots, and 4D lottery at any time from anywhere. Deposit with cryptocurrency now and enjoy the convenience it brings!