Strategy on 3 Card Baccarat in Card Game Betting

3 Card Baccarat is a card game that is very simple and easy to play with. As long as you understand the play method, you’ll master it easily! The biggest poker hand is the community cards composed of Jack, Queen, and King. The poker hands from the highest to the lowest are: 3 Card > 2 Card & 9 > Card & 9 > 9 > 2 Card & 8 > Card & 8 > 8 > 2 Card & 7 > …… > 2 Card & 0 > Card & 0 > 0. If you’d like to learn the play method in detail, you may refer to iBET Introduction to Basic Play Method of Online 3 Card Baccarat Betting.

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Introduction on the Rules of 3 Card Baccarat

At this moment, there are three online live casino game rooms offering 3 Card Baccarat: W88, BBIN, and SUNBET.


W88 Game Room with Super 3 Card Online Baccarat

In W88 game room, it is called “Super 3 Card Baccarat”. There are three kinds of betting amounts to choose: MR5-MR500, MR25-MR2500, and MR50-MR5000. Either the banker or the player wins by 6 points, the odds is 1:0.5. If tie, the odds will be 1:18. For the odds of pair plus, please refer to the table below.

Betting odds Above one pair
1:40 Straight flush
1:30 Three of a kind
1:6 Straight
1:3 Flush
1:1 One pair

Card Game Betting Comparison of 3 Card Baccarat-1

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If you want to Enter to live Casino Game Room please read the article”How to Register in Online Betting Casino” to register the member first.

SUNBET Online Game Room Baccarat Surprise You

SUNBET also offers three kinds of betting amounts. What’s particularly special is that the player can first choose which to be the banker and go betting on one or many of the rest player sections, and then see whose hand is higher. Three cards will be dealt to each player section, and the highest poker hand is 3 Card Baccarat. There are six sections for the player to choose, while there’s only one in W88. As for BBIN, there are three players to choose.

Card Game Betting Comparison of 3 Card Baccarat-2

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BBIN Game Room Odds of Live Baccarat in Malaysia

In BBIN, there’re three players to choose. The odds on winning or lose are the same as 1:1. The odds on 3 Card Baccarat will be 1:16, and those on tie will be 1:8. The special part in BBIN is that the player can bet on winning, 3 Card Baccarat, and tie separately in three players. This way of betting is more diverse than the other two.

Card Game Betting Comparison of 3 Card Baccarat-3

The preceding game rooms are the ones that offer 3 Card Baccarat on iBET Online Casino. You can choose the one you prefer, and if you’d like to learn more play methods of live games, you may refer to iBET Live Casino Game introduction.


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