Online Betting Method – Baccarat Point Calculation Rules

Baccarat casino is a kind of card game. It is one of the games that can often be seen in casinos and is also one of the most popular gambling games around the world.

iBET Online Casino is going to tell you how to calculate the points in Baccarat. If you’d like to learn how to play Baccarat, please refer to Game Introduction to How to Play Baccarat.


Introduction to Online Live Baccarat Point Calculation in Casino

In Baccarat, aces are worth 1 point. Cards two to nine are worth its face value. As for tens, jacks, queens, and kings, they are worth 10 points or zero
point (depending on the way of calculation in different casinos).


Live Casino Baccarat Game Point Calculation

When the total point exceeds 9 points, only the units digit will be calculated. For
instance, if the cards dealt are seven and jack, the point value will be 7, which is the units digit in total point, no matter the jack is worth 10 points or zero
points (7+10=17 or 7+0=7). Seeing that only units digits are valued in Baccarat, the biggest point value will be 9 while the smallest value will be 0,
also known as baccarat. For example, the point value will be 9 in a combination of seven and two.

The point value will be 0 in a combination of ten and king since the units digit is 0 (10+10=20).

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Bet on Banker or Player in Baccarat Online

Basically, there are four options to bet in Baccarat: Banker, Player, Tie, and Pair. Gamers bet on Banker or Player who they think will have the bigger point value. If you think the point value from two hands will be the same, you can bet on Tie. On the other hand, if you think the cards dealt to either Banker or Player will be a pair, such as two, two or king, king, you can choose to bet on Pair. (If the cards dealt are ten and jack, queen, or king, or are any two of jack, queen, and king, they are not considered as Pair.)

Introduction to Baccarat Point Calculation


Other Methods of Online Gambling Live Card Games

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