Differences on Casino Poker Online – Texas Hold’em

The difference between Malaysia live casino Texas Hold’em and the general Texas Hold’em is that the difficulty of the game is simplified. You only compete with the dealer rather than with other players. It is simple and easy to understand, testing your intelligence, and being luck based, has attracted many players like you all.

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Hold’em Comparison between BBIN and XPG

Since you only have to compete with the dealer, the general Texas Hold’em pot comparison to determine the winnings no longer apply. Instead, after showdown, you and dealer will use the 2 face down cards and combine with the 5 cards on the table, using a total of 7 cards to make the best 5-card combination of at least a “straight” or higher. When winning, you can get a 1:1 bet bonus return on Ante, Flop, Turn, and River respectively. If the card combination is “three of a kind” or below, you can get a 1:1 bet bonus return on Flop, Turn, and River respectively when winning. When the dealer and you have the same card combination, the biggest card will be compared to decide the winner. If the card sizes are the same, then it will be considered a draw and you will get back your bet, excluding the bonus.

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All Hold’em Payout of Each Card Combination Type

What needs to be mentioned is the Bonus return table. Regardless of a win or loss result, you will be awarded the Bonus, as long as the face down cards consist of any of the card combinations below. The respective Bonus payout will be based on your bet amount:

Card Combination Payout
Pair Ace (eg: A♣ A♥) 1 : 30
A+K same suit (eg: A♥ K♥) 1 : 25
A+Q or A+J same suit (eg: A♣Q♣) 1 : 20
A+K different suit (eg: A♣ K♥) 1 : 15
Pair J, Q or K (eg: Q♣ Q♠) 1 : 10
A+Q or A+J different suit (eg: A♦ J♣) 1 : 5
Pair 2 to Pair 10 1 : 3


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Enjoy Video Holdem Only in Malaysia Live Betting!

Currently, Malaysia Live Betting offers video Texas Hold’em from two platforms – BBIN and XPG. The rules of the games are the same. The table below shows the differences between the two platforms:

Dealer’s face Asian face European face
Card shuffling method Machine shuffles Dealer shuffles
Lower and upper betting limits 5-25000 1-200/20-1000/50-2000
3D Mode None Yes




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There are not too much differences between BBIN and XPG on Texas Hold’em games. You can simply choose different kinds of platforms to enjoy more online live betting games. Online Casino Malaysia also compares betting odds of various online poker gaming centers, so you can easily choose a gaming center you prefer.

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