Difference on Baccarat Online Games in Casino

Baccarat is one of the most popular games in the Asia Betting. We offer 11 different Game Rooms for you to choose from. It is also one of the most basic games for all of you to start from. Below is a comparison of Baccarat gameplay in the 11 different game rooms for members to enjoy.

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Comparison of Baccarat Game Table in Live Gamerooms

The general concept of Baccarat games is based on choosing either the Banker, the Player, Tie, or Pair outcomes. You could get further information in live casino game introduction to understand the basic rules of live Baccarat.

Game Rooms Banker Player Tie Pair Big/ Small Special Features
iPT v v v v v Egalite Extra bet
GD v v v v v
BBIN v v v v v Insurance
iAG v v v v v Banker, Longbao
iCASINO+ v v v v
iCASINO++ v v v v Dragon Tiger, Super Six
W88 v v v v
OPUS v v v v v Banker, Longbao
MG v v v v v Banker, Longbao
EBET v v v v
iGP v v v v v Double
ALLBET v v v v v
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2 Special Live Baccarat Gameplays for Malaysia Real Money

1. Baccarat Gameplay – Egalite Extra Off-Site Bet

Egalite Extra is an additional Baccarat bet that allows you to bet on player or dealer’s card. If you choose the correct score and winner, you are considered a winner. Otherwise, you will lose your wager.

Live Casino Manual The Difference on Baccarat Games Online


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2. Baccarat Gameplay – Longbao

Longbao has different odds for different winning outcomes. You can win up to a maximum of 30 times your bet, and win the following:

(1) Your winning selection but exceed the opponent’s by 4 points or more.
(2) If you have 8 or 9 points based on the first 2 cards dealt, you will win double your bet.
(3) If the outcome is not what you selected – tie or point difference of 3 points or less – the bet is lost. However, if it is a tie at 8 or 9 points, you will be able to get back your bet.

Live Casino Manual The Difference on Baccarat Games Online

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What Makes Baccarat Online Betting Special & Unique?

1. Baccarat Feature – Insurance

Insurance Baccarat is a new feature that has been popular among players in recent years. As the name implies, an insurance element is added to the game. In addition to not affecting the results of the Baccarat game, it also ensures that you not to lose all your bet amount.

Live Casino Manual The Difference on Baccarat Games Online


2. Baccarat special feature – Super Six

The dealer has 6 points and wins over the player.

Live Casino Manual The Difference on Baccarat Games Online

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Now you know there’s a lot of various Game Rooms that you can enjoy Baccarat games! If you are interested in Baccarat and know its playing method and skills, you can refer to the Baccarat Live Table Card Game to find out more about the basics of Baccarat and an introduction to Baccarat’s card rules. Happy gaming!

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