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4D Malaysia Lottery, it is a game where people risk their money purchasing numbered ticket and get prizes in return when the numbers on the ticket match the random number drawn. Some people won tonnes of money due to luck and there are also people who lose their assets from buying lottery. You can choose to spend a small amount of money buying lottery tickets as a hobby or depend on your whole life’s wealth on the lottery ticket and spend all of your assets on them. In real life, we might not have known people who have changed their lives due to winning or losing in buying lottery tickets as the probability of winning the grand prize is very low. However, we can see how lottery tickets change the life of people in the movies. These are some of the recommended lottery movies that you might not want to miss.


4D Lottery Classic Movies – 1. Two Lottery Tickets

Two Lottery Tickets

Two Lottery Tickets is a Romanian comedy movie produced in the year 2016 directed by Paul Negoescu. This movie is about a man named Dinel who loses his first prize-winning lottery ticket and goes through many bizarre events to search for the ticket and lastly win the prize again after buying another ticket. Dinel is an auto-mechanic who is struggling with his marital problems. He has two friends who are Sinel, a carpenter and a gambler, and Pompiliu, a government employee and a conspiracy theorist. Hearing Dinel’s trouble, Sinel encourages Dinel to buy a lottery ticket try his luck on the game. Out of surprise, the ticket Dinel bought had won a huge prize. However, the Dinel who kept the ticket had lost it due to being robbed by two thugs in front of his apartment. So, the trio went on their journey to search back the lottery winning ticket. However, after they found the thugs that robbed Dinel had claimed that they did not see any lottery ticket and the ticket had gone missing. After a few days, the three friends found out that a retired man had claimed the prizes of the lottery ticket. Dinel tries his luck again and bought the second lottery ticket ending up winning the first runner up and saved his marital problems. This is a comedy that shows strong friendship among the three main characters. It also shows that never be disappointed by the unfortunate events that happened and have hope on the coming events in your life just like how Dinel won again when he bought the lottery the second time.


4D Lottery Classic Movies – 2. Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is a comedy directed by Nora Ephron produced in the year 2000. The film was inspired by the 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal. Lucky Numbers is about a fraud playing to win the lottery ticket to save his snowmobile business. Russ is a weatherman for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is so popular in the show that he was crowned to be a celebrity by his local viewers. The fame has brought him some nice perks such as a reserved parking spot and a personal table in a restaurant. However, he had kept the secret about his snowmobile dealership that is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the unusually warm winter. As Russ is unable to get any financial support, Russ’s friend, Gig a shady strip club owner suggested him to fraud an insurance scam in order to get money. However, when the scheme fails to pay off, Russ found himself even deeper in his debt and even became a target of a hitman named Dale. Desperate to escape the financial ruin, he schemes with Crystal who is her girlfriend and the TV station’s lotto-ball girl to rig the state lottery drawing. The numbers came upright, but then everything goes wrong as their partner in crime became greedy and people who claimed that they know about the fraud came to ask for a share of the prize. If Russ agrees to share with these people, he will be digging a deeper hole for himself. As things got more dangerous, Russ sold the ticket to his boss, Dick and fled. After several events, Russ ended up moves to Florida and became a successful host of a game show called ‘Lucky Numbers’. This movie is reviewed as a black comedy as it shows the rotten characteristics of people when in desperation of money. It reflects our reality where people lost their kindness due to the greed of money.


4D Lottery Classic Movies – 3. It Could Happen to You

It Could Happen to You

It could happen to you is an American romantic comedy-drama produced in the year 1994 directed by Andrew Bergman. It is a story about the kind police who wins the lottery and splits his winnings with a waitress promising on the tips he was not able to pay. This movie was inspired by a real-life incident, showing how a kind person changes his life after he won the lottery. The main character in the movie Charlie Lang is an NYPD officer in Queens, New York. He is a kind and generous man who loves his job. On the other side, his wife, Muriel is a greedy, materialistic and selfish person who constantly complaining about their situation in life. The waitress Yvonne Biasi had gone bankrupt because her husband whom she could not afford to divorce emptied their joint account without her permission and left her with $12,000 card debts. Charlie meet Yvonne when he dined in at the restaurant she works. As he has not enough money to tip her, he hands in the lottery ticket that he bought and promised to give her double the number of tips or half on the winnings on the lottery ticket. Surprisingly, he wins $4 million in the lottery and kept his promise despite Muriel’s protest. Charlie and Yvonne became popular on the TV and they spend the money to help others and pay meals for people who are not able to do so. While Muriel spends the money on shopping and things that are not necessary without consulting Charlie. Muriel gets to know a rich man and filed a divorce with Charlie. Then she sued Charlie for splitting the winning without permission of hers. At last, Charlie and Yvonne’s kindness had won citizen’s heart and when they are in despair having to pay back their winnings to Muriel, the citizens send them thousands of letters with tips totaling over $600,000 enough to pay their debts. At the end of the movie, Charlie and Yvonne get married while Muriel who married with the con man who fled with her money has to go back to her old job. Different from the money mentioned ‘Lucky Number’, this movie focuses more on how the kindness of people helps to ones to have a better life just like what happened in the movie. This movie teaches always be kind as one good turn deserves another.



4D Lottery Classic Movies – 4. 29th Street

29th Street

29th Street is a comedy-drama film produced in the year 1991, written and directed by George Gallo. This movie is more or less based on the true story of a man named Frank Pesce Jr. who was born with good luck but was tormented by it all of his life. However, things started to change when he won the 1976 New York State Lottery. The movie started in showing how lucky is Frank even without needing to be hard working in his life. One of the incidents showing how lucky he is is when the time he was being stabbed by his girlfriend’s brother, the doctor found a tumor in his body and removed it in the earliest stage. Wouldn’t know that if he was not being stabbed. Frank has a father who was always working on his dream but with less fortune. He and his family live in a crowded row house. However, things started to gone wrong when Frank won a lottery with $6 million winnings. The win rages his father as his father was never lucky enough to succeed in any of his passions. The movie carries one with Frank using the money he won to solve his family’s issues. The lottery winning in this movie might not be the main element. The family relationship and their bonding is the thing that we should appreciate from this movie. This movie was stated as one of the ‘never-missed’ movies about the lottery. There may be some uncomfortable moments when you see how the relatives of the main character treated him when he won a lottery ticket, but it is a great story about family bond and nom matter what happened, family comes first.


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