Choosing an Online Bingo Site?

– How Should You Choose an Online Bingo Site?
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– Benefits of Playing Bingo Online
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BINGO! Our Childhood Game Has Evolved

Bingo is a game that many of us are familiar with and have played before. A 5×5 grid with numbers 1 to 25, with each column representing one character from the word BINGO. Once a player marks off all the required numbers, they then yell BINGO to show that they have won. Much like slots, the element of chance and luck are very much similar – except the part of shouting BINGO.

As mobile and web technology reach its level of advancement and sophistication, the traditional game of bingo has found its way online, giving players even more exciting options to game once played only on pen and paper.

Not only that, but it is also fun, social, and comes at a low cost to players, meaning a gaming experience that brings extremely good value for money. Moreover, online bingo brings about many more things than meets the eye, including side games, bingo variations, chat rooms, an entire dictionary of bingo vocabulary, and more.

With so many options to choose from, how should you go about choosing an online bingo site that would suit your play style?

How Should You Choose an Online Bingo Site?

Depending on your gaming preferences, you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a bingo site. Signing up is easy too, you just need to click into the site, create an account and you can immediately jump into the action.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preferences. So, one thing to do is to start searching for different sites and see what appeals to you the most. You might eventually find a few sites that you could jump around according to your fancy.

You can also look out for reviews about various other online bingo sites. These reviews are oftentimes unbiased and genuine, provided by keen online bingo players, which can make your decision-making process easier.

Before you start searching, do take note of a few things which can differ from site to site. Below are some of the pointers you can refer to when searching for online bingo sites.


Before deciding on which online bingo site you should opt for, look for sites that offer free tryouts. That way, you can see how each bingo game works, how you can buy cards, and how the numbers are being shouted without bearing the risk of losing your money. Reap the benefits of these demo versions of online bingo.

With online bingo, the options are boundless. You will come across sites that offer their unique version of games, and some that offer branded games. In addition to that, some online bingo sites will also offer other types of games like online slots and scratch cards in case players want to take a break from playing bingo.


Apart from the games on offer, payment options may also vary from site to site. Some sites may allow you to deposit funds into an e-wallet or in-game wallet, some allowing you to transfer funds using PayPal, while others might only take card payments. Nevertheless, each website will have a dedicated section for payment.


With the number of online bingo sites, comes a huge variety of themes within those games. Each game will have a particular theme, mascot, or color scheme. Some games might even be based on the theme of their sites to differentiate themselves from all the other games out there. What’s more, this can enhance the gaming experience of bingo by giving it a personalized feel to draw in players.

Network and Software

If you have ever been wondering why some bingo games seem to ‘feel’ the same, that is because these games are operated on a particular software or network and in turn, each network may simultaneously run a few other sites, as they all belong under the same network or family.


Sometimes, size can matter. Depending on which site you land on, some online bingo sites may be attached to bigger bingo hall chains and branded betting platforms, while other sites may be operating independently. Although smaller online bingo sites may have a personal feel and are possibly easier to navigate around, you might be greeted with a lesser choice of games and smaller prizes instead.


You will likely encounter some online bingo sites attached to bigger branded gaming platforms. And within those platforms would link you to other categories of games such as lotto, football, casino, etc., which will all fall under the same brand.

Choosing an Online Bingo Game that Suits You Best

Naturally, choosing an online bingo site would also mean choosing the right bingo game for yourself. While there are many different variants of bingo available to play online, each variant will differ from site to site, depending on which network the site belongs to. However, most sites will offer the basic games as follows – 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, and 30-ball bingo.

90-ball bingo

The most traditional game of bingo. There are 15 numbers ranging from 1 through 90, and it is played on a 9×3 grid. There are generally three prizes up for grabs – two individual line prizes and a full house with increasing prices.

The two individual line prizes are won via any line on the grid unless specifically stated. A full house is won when all 15 numbers are marked off.

80-ball bingo

Also known as coverall bingo, it is played with 16 numbers ranging from 1 through 8, on a 4×4 grid. There is only one prize to be won, and the first person to cross off all 16 numbers wins the game.

75-ball bingo

Also known as pattern bingo, it is played with 25 numbers ranging from 1 through 75, on a 5×5 grid. Occasionally, there are coverall games on offer, but the prize is only won when the first person crosses off the stated pattern. This pattern can either be a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line.

30-ball bingo

If you do not have the time or you are just looking for something fast in general, then 30-ball bingo is the game for you. Having only 9 numbers and played on a 3×3 grid, the aim of the game is to cross off all 9 numbers first. There is only one prize to be won in this fast-paced game of bingo.

Bingo Bonuses

Beyond just choosing the games and online bingo site you will be playing, there are also other more subtle factors to consider too, such as bonuses, in which we will go into detail here.

Like most online betting sites, most, if not all, online bingo sites these days will offer you an attractive welcome bonus. It is a temptation worth going for because not only does it give new players an incentive to sign up, it is also an opportunity for you to try out the site at very little cost. Included are also free bingo games and free entrances into newbie chat rooms, allowing you to socialize and further acquaint yourself with the site.

Each online bingo site will offer its unique bonuses. While there are tons of bonuses out there, they can be easily classified into these main categories, along with some details of what they mean.

No Deposit Bonus

This free bonus offered by bingo sites gives players the chance to properly explore the games that the site has to offer for free. Although you cannot withdraw the amount of bonus cash deposited into your account, you can make merry of it by having a go at the games on offer. Some sites may request for your bank details to deposit the bonus, while others may deposit it into the e-wallet of the account you registered with.

Deposit Bonus

This bonus is typically offered on your initial deposit. The bonuses offered vary from site to site. For example, if you are offered a 50% welcome deposit bonus when you deposit RM10, you will receive another RM5 in your account, which brings the total amount of funds in your account to RM15.

Is Online Bingo a Fair Game?

Many might feel that the game of online bingo can get frustrating, especially when you are just one number away from winning. Some might speculate within the chat rooms that it is always the same name winning over and over again. But at the end of the day, it is just down to pure luck.

Fortunately, all online bingo sites are regulated by the respective local official governing bodies in order to ensure a fair experience for all players. For fairness, the numbers are generated using a Random Number Generator (RNG), so the numbers are always randomly selected, which means you will never see the same numbers twice.

More so, to keep yourself safe and in the know, always head to the terms and conditions section, and read up about the laws they must abide by. It’s boring, but it is better safe than sorry.

Benefits of Playing Bingo Online

There is a reason why bingo has always been such a popular game among players of various age groups. Regardless of the setting, be it an informal gathering or a birthday party, it always does a great deal of making things more interesting. And with smartphones being so accessible to all, anyone who loves playing bingo would surely play it anywhere, anytime.

But other than the convenience it offers, there are other obscure benefits to playing online bingo. So without further delay, we will jump right into them.

Play Bingo Anywhere, Anytime

The opportunity to play bingo online anywhere without having to worry about traveling to a location is something that we can easily take for granted. In short, you won’t have to worry about being late to the start of a bingo game because you will be able to play as many bingo games as you like from the comfort of your own home, or in bed with your pajamas. And best of all, to be able to play them anytime you desire, even if it’s four in the morning.

The icing on the cake is that online bingo sites can be easily accessed, other than your smartphone, by tablets as well. So if your laptop is not with you, you have nothing to worry about as it is still possible for you to play.

No Traveling Costs

This one is more likely to slip under your nose than anything else. What is the point of earning RM 100 in winnings when petrol and toll will eventually cost about a quarter of what you bet? The point is, if you do not have to travel out of your home to gamble, you would not have anything to worry about – petrol, parking, or even the possibility of getting a flat tyre.

What’s more, this can also be an opportunity for you to get some friends around and organize a group session, allowing you to play with players from all walks of experience.

All the fun, and you do not even have to take a single step outside.

Higher Odds, Bigger Payouts

Given that bingo websites do not have a physical building to maintain and not having to pay the wages for staff members, naturally, the payout percentages of an online bingo site will be higher. Thus, you can anticipate significantly higher payout odds. And putting the cherry on the top, many prominent bingo websites are known to have more than a 99% payout percentage.

Chat with Your Friends, or Make New Friends Playing Bingo Online

It would be pretty boring playing bingo in isolation to others, wouldn’t it? That is why almost all bingo sites offer chat rooms because it encourages players to talk to each other freely and respectfully. It is a great opportunity to enhance your online bingo experience by having the opportunity to speak to players from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.

There is no doubt that the purpose of a chat room is to make players feel more at ease and attached to the game. Who knows if you will make a new friend for life or even find your soul mate there?

Are You Ready to Put These Tips to Good Use? Test Them Out on iBET

At the end of it all, choosing the best bingo game for yourself is easier than it seems. So to summarize, here are the takeaways that you should always keep in mind.

Read the Fine Print

Always read the terms and conditions before accepting any welcome bonuses and any other bonuses whenever you land on a new site.


Sometimes, you will never know what you may stumble upon if you take some time off and have a tour of the site. You could end up finding more new games or essential features such as the help pages and live chat.

Do Some Homework

Read up on some of the information on other blogs and other sites as a way of staying on top of your bingo game. You could gain some useful advice and hints there.

Never Say No to Free Stuff

Use this as an opportunity to get some free spins in, a feel for the site, gameplay, and how the chat rooms are like. If the option is there for you, do not hesitate and go for it!

To cap off this guide, always keep in mind that you are here to have fun, as betting can be all about the fun as it is about the money. Online bingo is a game with an exceptional social avenue with even more tempting prizes and payouts with attractive promotions that are always up for grabs.

In essence, search, and you will eventually find something for you. On iBET, one visit to our online bingo slots, and you will find that we have encompassed the very best of variety, accessibility, and excitement in one platform under your fingertips. So come to our slot game rooms and try your luck now! With this quick guide, you will be an online bingo pro in no time!

Want to take a break from online bingo? Well, give our online slot games a try then. iBET has more than thousands of slot games with different themes and gameplay, and you will surely find one that will hook your interest. Speaking of slots, did you know that there is another name for slot games, which is called the Tiger Machine? Find out why slot games have such an intriguing name on our next article, Casino Myth: Why Online Slot Machines are also known as “Tiger” Machine”.

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