Betting on Difference Types of Sports : Early / Today / Live

We provide results of sporting events online. Users can place their bets on multiple games through online betting. It’s a convenient way that users could bet anytime so that it’s quite famous among players. From now on, i8 brings you to understand more about it!

The Difference Between Sports Betting Styles

In our Sports Game Room, we have three kinds of sports betting. They are Live, Today and Early. So what’s the difference between them? Come up with i8 Online Casino to figure it out!


What Means Bet “Live” on Sports Game Room

“Live” means you can put the bet during the game. The good thing is that people can observe the situation first before placing their bets while the game is processing. Also, “Live” helps users to stop losing money by changing the original losing bet forms.

iBET Online Casino Sports Betting Types Introduction

Sports Betting Features of Today’s New Games

Literally, “Today” means today’s games! Titles of team and competitions will be shown on Today Events. Users can select the game types for entering in, and then watch the game right away!

iBET Online Casino Sports Betting Types Introduction

“Early” is Bet on Upcoming Sports Events

We call “Early” for upcoming sports games. Please choose “Early” to view information about games coming soon!

iBET Online Casino Sports Betting Types Introduction

Explore More Exciting Sports Betting

After finishing up this article about sports betting types, users might want to explore the coolest and the most exciting sporting events. Follow i8 to the hottest game rooms i8 Sport and iSport in i8 Online Casino. i8 Online Casino offers some simple game accesses for everyone to catch the latest game news. Don’t be hesitating! Try it out now!

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