Malaysia Online Spotsbook: Football Bet Formula that Guarantees a Win


The excitement from football bets has created a huge market size of 20 billion. Online football betting is no longer a taboo that people tend to avoid from discussing or participating. However, bettors tend to lose more in their bets. Only about 1 to 2 percent of bettors can manage more win than losses in a long term basis. Are you one of them that are desperately searching across different sportsbooks in Malaysia for a hope to win? Your quest in seeking a way to win has finally come to an end at this moment. What you are about to learn is called the Lay Betting System. The Lay Betting System is a proven bet winning formula that guarantees a win.


Lower Risk Football Bet: Lay Bet System

Lower Risk Football Bet Lay Bet System

The Lay Bet System is very straightforward. It is not dependent on luck or based on any types of superstitious believes. The perfect football betting system does not exist, but you will get more wins than losses by following this system. The system is all about minimising the risk to the lowest point. Lower risk also means bettors will have a higher chance of winning. This system has gained quite a reputation due to its many years of successful results. The best part is the Lay Bet System can be applied in any soccer bet you prefer such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and others.


Winning Formula of Online Football Betting

Winning Formula of Online Football Betting

The traditional bet is called the “back” bet where you will only win when the team you bet on wins as well. While lay bet is the opposite of the traditional bet. Lay bet is when bettors bet on the losers instead of the winners. It is more effective to use the lay bet system in a soccer bet as there are three possible outcomes for a soccer match. A team can either win, lose or draw the match. 

By applying the lay bet system, bettors will win the bet if the team they have selected end up losing or drawing the match. While the traditional back bet only can be won by predicting the soccer match winner. The percentage of winning an online football bet using the lay bet system is 2/3 compare to the traditional back bet. The online football betting world will be completely changed when you used this winning formula.

When bettors lays a bet through a betting exchange, they can offer a bet at a desired odds. It is more flexible compared to the fixed odds given by football bookies for the traditional back bet. This is the advantage of lay betting, but it can be a disadvantage at the same time. The biggest issue that bettors might face in lay betting is the pay out when they loses a bet. They have to pay out according to the odds that they have previously agreed when they lay the bet. For example, if a bettor lay a bet on Tottenham to lose at 3.0, he or she will have to pay out 3 times of the agreed stake if Tottenham wins the match.


Malaysia Secret Sports Betting Technique: Live Bet Monitoring

Malaysia Secret Sports Betting Technique Live Bet Monitoring

Live bet monitoring is a secret sports betting technique where bets are made only after a football match has started. This technique is can be learnt very easily due to its simplicity. However, this strategy requires patience and time. It is not to be rushed and bettors who want to apply this technique must remain calm at all time. This is because live bet monitoring requires bettors to observe a football match closely and wait for the correct opportunity to make their bets. It can only be applied when some requirements are met.

One of the requirements is a favourite team must concede an early goal during a football match. When this scenario happens, Malaysia’s Sportsbooks will usually change the odds of the match immediately to favour the weaker team that is leading. This is the correct time for bettors to make their bets on the favourite team which has just conceded a goal. It might be a little riskier to bet on the trailing team but the changed match odds make the bet on them more beneficial in terms of profit.   

It is important to conduct a thorough research between both teams that go against each other. The bigger the skill discrepancies between the two teams the better as it also means a better odds will be given by football bookies. It is important to take advantage when huge favourite teams like Manchester City, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich concede early goals to weaker teams. This type of rare occasions don’t happen too often.

Here is a sports betting technique that has been kept as a hidden secret for ages. Football bookies and Malaysia’s Sportsbooks have not discussed about the technique in public as it is a well-kept trade secret in the industry. This secret sports betting technique is named the heavy favourite. Almost anything can happen in the football world, but it can be somewhat predictable at times. 

If you are a football fan and you follow the weekly matches throughout the whole football season, you will notice a pattern after some time. The pattern was formed by the performances of all teams which includes favourite teams that are consistently winning matches, mid table teams who have equal number of wins and lost, and bottom table teams who can’t seem to find their form. The technique is to bet on the heavy favourites constantly produces winning results.   

Take the popular English Premier League as example, Manchester City has won the league for 3 years in succession. Based on the team’s strong record, it is safer to bet on the team when they faces weaker opponents from the league. Weaker teams can be identified by the odds set by football bookies as bigger odds will be usually given to these type of matches. However, the heavy favourite technique cannot be applied when two equally strong team clashes, such as when Manchester City faces Liverpool. Smaller odds will be set for matches between two favourite teams. 

It is similar in the other top football leagues in the world as well. Barcelona has won the La Liga four times in the last five years, Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga for seven times in a row, while Juventus has won the Serie A for the past eight years. These favourite teams each play about 36 matches in a season. Bettors should make full use of the opportunities using the heavy favourite technique. 


Bet Smartly and Avoid Football Gambling

Bet Smartly and Avoid Football Gambling

Football gambling happens when you just make bets blindly and hope to win by luck. Your chances to win is much lower compared to losing. This is because casinos and bookmarkers always have the upper hand as they are privileged with better odds. To turn this status around, the only option is to bet smartly and follow an effective football betting strategy.

What’s more important is to choose a reputable platform to protect your betting quality and ultimately profit! “Credit Betting: The Rotten Apple in the Barrel“. This article tells us why you must judge the pros and cons of a platform!

Soccer bets can be fairly tricky if you do not have sufficient knowledge of the soccer league you are betting in. Although one of the soccer bet winning formula is to bet on the heavy favourites, your knowledge of other teams in the league must be adequate as well. Sometimes, the heavy favourite teams might be suffering in form, unable to score a goal for a few matches or conceding goals carelessly. This is the time where having ample of knowledge on the soccer teams can help you to dissect and analyse properly. 

When the favourite teams dipped in form, bettors should start looking for the best value bets. The best value bets are usually the underdog teams that have hidden potential to rise on occasions if given the chance. To find the best value bets, you need to conduct a detailed research on the team and player stats such as which team has the best attacking and defensive records.

It is good to follow a decent soccer bet strategy, but do not let the strategy restrict you. Bettors should be flexible and make bets based on the overall situation. If a strategy is constantly being followed through without taking account of other variables, the strategy will becomes a routine. A routine strategy will only give bettors diminishing returns. 


MAXBET, the most Famous Malaysia’s Sportsbook

MAXBET, the most Famous Malaysia’s Sportsbook

Maxbet has an excellent reputation of providing the best sports betting odds in the industry. No other Malaysia’s Sportsbooks or football bookies can match the odds given by Maxbet. Besides giving the best sports betting odds in Malaysia, Maxbet also looks after the welfare of all bettors. Maxbet believes that betting is a form of entertainment and should be played responsibly. It should be fun and bettors should only bet what they can afford. Therefore, Maxbet constantly provides bet winning formulas and strategies to help bettors to win. Maxbet also gives away bonuses frequently for loyal customers who visit their website. For those who have not visit Maxbet, try to browse through their platform and you will be surprised and amazed by them! 


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