An Introduction to Sports Gambling: 6 Quick & Easy Ways To Sportsbook Winnings


Sports betting is different from other slot machine gambling methods in the sense that it’s a game with a combination of luck and technology.

Players are able to increase their chances of winning bets through analysis of either team, player or the match itself.

Some people compare sportsbook betting as similar to buying stocks, both being investments in market potentials.

So, whether you’re merely just a sports fan looking for a cheap thrill or someone who’s good at making predictions based on past data, this article is going to provide you with the basic introduction to Sports Betting.

Hey, who knows, it might just be the kickstarter you need getting into a long-term investment career.

So, let’s jump into these points to start you off in the world of professional sports betting.

Let’s Start With The Biggest Sport In The World (Soccer) Football Betting

soccer saiyan

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Naturally, the number of football and soccer bets contribute around 70% of total volume.

The game is competitive and intense, with many high profile players from around the world. The amount of research, analysis and football betting on the matches are very high.

For bookie football, this the most attractive sport to offer due to the high amount of football bets the game attracts.

The potential winnings in football betting are the highest for the sportsbook industry overall. If you can accurately predict the outcome of a football match, the rewards are very large.

The four major leagues in Europe (English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and German Bundesliga) are the most popular around the world and attract the most sports enthusiasts.

The FIFA World Cup held every 4 years is the most watched sporting event in the world followed closely by the UEFA European Championship, also held every 4 years.

Each of these competitions features very different teams and game dynamics that makes up the infinite possibilities of predictions versus winning odds.

Please continue reading as we provide you with an introduction to the four major leagues in Europe before getting into the juicy bits of how to strategize and place your first football bet.

Premier League Logo

The English Premier League

Fifa18 I am the man

The Premier League is the top tier football league in England and was founded in 1992. This league includes English and Welsh football teams.

The Premier League is currently the most popular football league in the world in terms of the highest number of viewers and the highest commercial value compared to all other leagues around the world.

Bundesliga Logo


Founded in 1963, Bundesliga is the top tier football league in Germany.

The biggest feature of the Bundesliga is the enthusiasm of their fans. The Bundesliga is also the league with the highest number of spectators in the world. An estimated more than 40,000 fans attend each game.

Serie A Logo

Serie A

The Italian Football League (Serie A) is the top tier football league in Italy. It was established in 1898 and was converted to league format since 1929.

Early Serie A

In the early years, Serie A was arguably the most famous European football league.

In the 1990s, Italian football was the leading football league in the world and their fan base swept across Europe.

Serie A Match Fixing

In the 2005-06 season, Serie A lost all credibility. Two of Serie A’s giant teams, Juventus and AC Milan were accused of match fixing.

The Final Decision

  • Juventus was stripped of the 2004-05 and 2005-06 Serie A league titles they won, and subsequently relegated to the Italian second division in the 2007 season.
  • AC Milan’s Serie A league points in the 2005-06 season were deducted by half.

This match fixing incident has gone down as the most serious incident in the history of professional sports, causing Serie A to fall from its position as the leading football league in Europe.

To this day they have not recovered from the negativity of this match fixing scandal.

Serie A Rebounds

After Juventus acquired Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018, the world has started paying attention to the Serie A again.

La Liga Logo

La Liga

La Liga was founded in 1929 and is the top tier football league in Spain.

La Liga in Recent Years

In recent years, La Liga football teams have won many major trophies in Europe.

So, La Liga is currently considered to be the strongest league in the world.

Due to the relationship between Spain and the South America in the past, the football industry in Central and South America chose to develop their skills and players in La Liga.

The playing style of La Liga is also dominated by players’ skills, which is different from the style adopted in the Premier League. That is why La Liga still gets a lot of attention from football fans.

They love watching the players execute some amazing football moves on the field every game.  

After a preliminary understanding of the top four leagues in Europe, there are a few classic battles that must be known as football fans. Let’s review the exciting battles together!

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Now that you understand the multitude of dynamism from the top four leagues in Europe, it provides football bookies opportunities to create a variation of game outcomes and different predictions, with live odds that change from time to time.

It’s no wonder sports betting enthusiasts love football betting, because they’re constantly challenged trying to beat the system.

However, due to the sheer amount of matches, game types, predictions and odds, the sports booking systems are always very intimidating to newcomers.

Without proper guidance, you could get lost and potentially place the wrong bets, causing you regrettable losses financially.

Fear not though, because in the following section we’ll give you a very good introductory guide on placing football bets easily, and on the most common sports booking platforms in the world.

This’ll get you going smoothly in no time, we promise.

How To Understand The Football Betting Gameplay

football player entry

The first thing you need to know is a football match has 2 halves that last 45 minutes each (with added time that’s determined by the match referee) and a 15 minute half-time break in between.

This is known as the Full-Time of the match.

What Happens in a Football Final or Knockout Stage Match?

In the event there’s no clear winner after 90 minutes (Full-Time) in the finals or knockout stages of various competitions, teams will:

Have an extra 30 minutes. If after the added 30 minutes there’s still no winning side, the game will proceed with a penalty shootout taken 12 yards from the goal line to determine the outright winner.

ibit sport betting panel

In the following section we’ll show you the various betting possibilities and how to place good bets to multiply your stakes.

We’re getting into the most common and most popular online betting strategies here, starting with the most common betting choices.

Bear in mind, in football betting, bets are always based only on results of a Full-Time match.

Bets are based only on outcomes within the first 90 minutes of a match.

1. Guess The Outcome (Full Time Result – 90 mins)

Football matches have three outcomes:

– Home team wins

– Away team wins

– Draws

Generally, the football odds of the game are about 30%. The gap difference between a strong and weak team in football can be very wide.

A weak team will normally aim for a draw outcome against strong teams.

This is the most common betting choice amongst beginners as it’s the most straightforward way to predict an outcome of a match.

As the saying goes, the lower the risk the lower the returns.

The odds in this betting choice are usually more in favor of the winning team, which means your return will be lower compared to other betting choices.

2. The Giving Ball Outcome (Handicap Results)

Giving ball is a gameplay derived from non-distribution, which is also known as the European handicap.

There’ll be a bet page which allows you to:

  1. Give ball (-1)
  2. Level ball
  3. Eat ball (+1)

Three options:

(a) -1: The actual meaning is giving 1.5 goals. This means the chosen team needs to win by 2 goals to have a winning bet.

(b) If the outcome is a draw, the football bet is taken as a winning bet.

(c) +1: If the outcome of the match is either a draw outcome or a win by the chosen team, the football bet is taken as a winning bet.

This is a favorite among seasoned football betters.

For example, you’re less confident with your favorite Team A as they’re playing against a stronger Team B, but the handicap given away by Team B far exceeds their potential.

You can still bet on Team A by accepting the handicap given away by Team B.

The match might still end up in a draw or Team B winning, but with the handicap you could be the bet winner.

3. The Goals Over/Under

After 90 minutes game time, including injuries and stoppages, the number of goals scored by the two teams are added.

If there are more than 2.5 goals, it’s considered Big or Over.

If there are less than 2.5 goals, it’s considered Small or Under.

4. Total Number of Goals (Sum of Goals)

This method of sports betting or football bets can be divided into 3 options:

  1. 0 balls
  2. 2-3 balls and
  3. 4 or more balls

As mentioned in the introduction, the average number of goals scored in a football match is about 2.5 balls, making the football odds of a 2-3 ball scenario the lowest.

5. Single and Double [Total Score] (Goals Odd/Even)

The double football odds for this method of sports betting correspond to the probability of the home or away team.

If there’s a match on either, the total number of goals must be double from what was predicted.

6. Correct Score (Correct Score)

The correct score method of football betting is played by directly predicting the score of the match. However, this method can be tough, as it’s difficult to predict the exact score in a football match.

Now that you’ve seen the different Football Betting Gameplays, let’s move on to other popular sports that are widely available for sports betting.

Why Basketball is One of The Easiest Bets in Sports Betting

space jam nba star jordan

Basketball is an exciting and fast paced contact sport, making it a favourite sport for many people.

The venue for playing basketball is relatively simple.

You can play basketball in a gymnasium of a school, or a basketball court in the park next to your home.

Read on to find out what kind of Popular Basketball Leagues there are, and why it’s one of the easiest sports to bet on.

What are the most Popular Basketball Leagues in the world?

According to media and sports magazines, the number of basketball games broadcasted on TV in the 2018-2019 season is 17% higher than that of the 2016-2017 season.

The regional network ratings have also reported an increase of 7%. It has always been a sport that attracts a lot of fans!

Are you one of the basketball fans that screams in front of his TV?

If you’re one of those kind of fans, you can’t miss these two famous basketball leagues!! >>

1. The National Basketball Association (NBA)

NBA cool kid

The NBA is the largest and most popular professional basketball league in the world.

Currently, there’s 30 teams in the NBA, divided into two divisions, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, and there are 3 groups in each of the two divisions.

[Fun Fact: The popularity of television broadcasting in the 1980s combined with the emergence of Michael Jordan, the God of basketball, catapulted the NBA from the United States to the entire world (Jordan’s contribution to the basketball world is really irreplaceable!)]

NBA logo

Introduction to The NBA

Each team has to play 82 games per season. The top eight teams in the two divisions will then progress and participate in the playoffs.

Each round of the playoffs is the best of 7 games, first to win 4 system.

The Eastern and Western teams will each have their own division series.

The tournament will produce the Eastern and Western Conference champions, who will then battle it out in the NBA Finals to determine the ultimate NBA champion.

NBA schedule

Every year from mid-October to April of the following year.

2. Euroleague (aka: EL)

EL Logo

EL is Europe’s largest multinational men’s professional basketball league. The main objective is to bring the top teams in Europe’s top basketball leagues together in the same league and determine the best team in Europe.

Right now, EL has 24 teams which are divided into 4 groups.

[Fun Fact: EL was founded in 1958 and the league format was changed in 2001.]

Introduction to The EL

The top four teams in each group move on to the last 16 group stage.

The last 16 group games are divided into two groups where the top four then progress into the playoffs.

In the first round of the playoffs, the 5 wins and 3 wins method will be adopted.

The winner will then progress into the semi-finals, and subsequently the finals.

EL Schedule

Every year from mid-October to June of the following year.

Now that you understand the best Basketball Leagues in the World, let’s get on to betting on your favorite teams and making some big winnings.

How to Start Sports Betting on Basketball

1. The Handicap (The Main Betting Method)

There’ll always be a strength difference between two teams in a basketball game.

In order to even up the basketball betting odds, it’s necessary for the stronger team to give a small score handicap to the weaker team.

This will balance out the chances of winning for the two teams.

For example, the stronger team gives the weaker team a 3.5 point handicap.

2. The MoneyLine

This basketball betting method is simple and straightforward: Correctly predict the winner of the game. That’s It.

3. Big or Small (Over/Under)?

The sports betting bookie will set an estimated number before the game begins.

Betters will place basketball bets on whether total combined points scored by both teams is above (Big/Over) or below (Small/Under) that preset number.

4. Total Score (Odd/Even Total points)

In basketball games, the total score resulting in an odd or even score is completely random, making this betting method purely based on your luck.

The Key Points of Scoring in Basketball

In a basketball game, the key driver that can affect the scores of the two teams is the pace of the game.

This can be determined by the number of offensive and defensive exchanges between the two teams.

If you want to place a bet on the score, you first have to study the offensive pace of both teams.

Scenario 1

If both teams are fast-paced, the time spent on each offensive play will be very short.

Naturally, there’ll be more offensive plays within the game time, causing the scores of both teams to be high.

Scenario 2

If both teams are defensively organized teams, the number of offensive and defensive exchanges will be reduced, and the teams will naturally have a lower score.

How to Get Started With Tennis Sports Betting

Mario Tennis Princess Peach

Tennis originated in France in the 14th century and started growing in Europe in the 19th century.

According to surveys of today, tennis is one of the top five favourite sports in the world.

It’s especially popular among Europeans, Asians and Americans. The survey also tells us that the sport of tennis has won the support and love of up to 1 billion people around the world!

Fans fall in love with tennis for the following reasons, what about you? >>

  1. A top of class royal sport
  2. Sports for both men and women

[Fun Fact: Tennis has two professional organisations for both male and female. ATP is referred to as the International Professional Tennis Association and the International Women’s Tennis Association is referred to as WTA for both males and females respectively.]

  1. Good looking players, both male and female
  2. A wide variety of tennis court types and competitions
  3. Player that has a particularly touching story with tennis (maybe an inspirational story that affected you?)…etc.
Tell me more

You’re more than welcome to share the reason you like the sport of Tennis.

Sportsbook Malaysia: Introduction to Tennis Tournaments

trace tennis ball

If you’re a big fan of tennis, you definitely won’t miss 4 popular tennis competitions known as the Majors. The Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon Championships.

When these competitions start, all the online betting websites provide tennis betting options for every match.

Most online betting fans love to bet on the majors tournaments, because they can watch the matches live and follow the outcome of their bets as they unfold.

These big tournaments are also less prone to match fixing.

Australian Open Logo

1. The Australian Open

The Australian Open, men’s singles competition adopts the best of 5 sets, first to 3 wins format.

The women’s singles competition adopts the best of 3 sets, first 2 wins format.

In the event of the match going into deciding sets, there’s no tie-breaker, instead the player must win more than 2 games to be declared the outright match winner.

Starting time: The last two weeks of January every year

Venue: Melbourne, Australia

French Open Logo

2. The French Open

The French Open men’s singles competition adopts the best of 5 sets, first 3 wins format.

The women’s singles competition adopts the best of 3 sets, first 2 wins format.

In the event of the match going into deciding sets, there’s no tie-breaker, instead the player must win more than 2 games to be declared the outright match winner.

Starting time: Every year at the end of May or early June

Venue: Paris, France

Wimbledon Championships Logo

3. The Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships started with only men’s singles games, then they added on the women’s singles, and the men’s and women’s doubles games.

Starting time: End of June to the middle of July every year

Venue: London, UK

US Open Logo

4. The US Open

The US Open event is divided into men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed men’s and women’s doubles.

Starting time: Every year from the end of August to the beginning of September

Venue: USTA National Tennis Center, Flushing Prairie Park, Queens, New York

How To Get Started With Tennis Sports Betting

Place Your Bets

1. Key Betting Points

The key to learning how to bet on tennis matches is to master the following two points:

  • Timing of the tennis competition

The tennis competitions are held in different countries at different times.

Hardcore fans can find out about the schedule of play according to their favourite players.

  • Basic rules of tennis competitions

Tennis matches are divided into singles and doubles matches. If an opponent is behind at least two sets in a tennis match, then the player who wins the first 6 games wins 1.

If the score is 6:5, then the two sides will have to play another game.

If the leading player wins that game, the score will be 7:5, and that player winner wins the set.

However, if the losing player equalizes the game to 6:6, then they’ll need to play a tie-breaker game to determine the winner of that set.

There are many different competition play formats in different countries.

Fans and sport betters can always read articles on the internet to find out the competition formats for the competitions they want to follow.

2. The Four Different Betting Methods

– Money Line

Just predict the winner of the match. This is most common choice amongst beginners.

– The Handicap

The handicap in a tennis bet indicates that a player receives a handicap or a number of points (representing the skill difference estimated to even the score), which will increase the excitement of the game.

The tennis bookie will set the handicap points, the player can choose to place their bet on player A to win the game under the advantage of the handicap (+), or place their bet on player B to overcome the disadvantage of the negative handicap (-) and still win the game.

– Total Games

The tennis bookie will set an estimation on number of games played before the match winner is determined.

Players will predict if the number of games played is higher or lower than the estimated number from the tennis bookie.

– Outright Winner

The outright betting method is the easiest method to understand. Tennis bookies provide tennis betting odds for each tennis competition and offer odds for each individual player to win that competition.

Tennis betters just need to predict which player will be the overall winner of the tournament.

 Sportsbook malaysia: How to Start Betting on Baseball

baseball wat

Baseball is as popular in Asia as it is in America. According to media surveys, baseball has become one of the top 10 most popular sports in the world, especially amongst the Americans and the Japanese.

The sport of baseball has received support and love from over 500 million people!

Everyone likes the sport of baseball for different reasons.

Yours may be because…

  1. Clear and simple game rules
  2. Good looking star players
  3. The atmosphere of celebration and excitement
  4. Have a particularly touching story with baseball (maybe you and the other half of a love story?) ……etc.
Teddy Bear Win

Sportsbook Malaysia: Introduction to Baseball Leagues

funny baseball anima

Baseball was widely recognized as the national sport of the United States, but also popular in East Asia, particularly Japan and South Korea.

The major leagues are covered by the key sports betting sites around the world, with great games and odds.

So, how can you start betting on this fast growing sport too?

Major League Baseball (MLB)

MLB teams logo

MLB is the most highly regarded and high-level international professional baseball league, which consists of 29 teams from all over America and one team from Canada.

30 teams belong to the American League and the National League.

Major League Baseball Calendar >>

Spring training: Mid February – End March

Regular season: Early April – October

All-Star Game: June

Post-season: October

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

NPB Teams Logo

Baseball plays a very important role in Japan. There, it’s known as the second largest national skill after sumo wrestling.

Currently, there are 12 teams in the whole of Japan, and their regular league season runs from April to October every year.

Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)

LBO Teams Logo

Currently, there are 10 teams participating in the baseball league in Korea.

The league runs between the months of September to November every year.

Liga Mexicana de Béisbol (LMB)

LMB Teams Logo

There are currently 16 teams in Mexico’s professional baseball league.

Their league is scheduled from March to October every year (spring league: March to June, autumn league: July to October).

Australian Baseball League (ABL)

ABL Teams Logo

There are 6 teams in Australia’s professional baseball league. Their league runs from mid-November to the end of January.

How To Win With Baseball Sports Betting

Place Your Bets!

Something special about Baseball betting is it’s available all year long.

Even during the offseason, the regular season, the pennant races and the postseason.

There are six basic bet types available for baseball betting and we’ll guide you through all of them…

1. How to Place a Bet

The key to learning how to bet on tennis matches is to master the following two points:

  • Timing of the baseball match

Baseball matches are held in different countries at different times. Hardcore fans can find out about the schedule of play according to their favourite players.

  • Basic rules of a baseball game

The standard game of baseball consists of two teams, each with nine players.

There are 9 innings where two teams take turns to attack and defend.

Each team has three “outs” in each team, after which they change sides between offense and defense.

Players score by circling four bases on a baseball field. The objective is for the two teams to get the most points.

However, there are many different baseball leagues in different countries, each with their own league/competition formats.

Baseball fans can always search on the Internet to analyse how the formats differ from country to country, or league to league.

2. The Six Popular Betting Methods

Do you think baseball only allows you to place bets on the winner or loser?

If you think so, then you don’t fully understand the different aspects of baseball betting.

Actually, baseball betting is very dynamic and constantly changing.

Let’s see what different methods there are!

– The Money Line (for beginners)

Just predict the winner of the match, that’s it. Most common with beginners.

– The Handicap

The handicap in a baseball bet indicates that a team receives a handicap or a number of points (representing the skill difference estimated to even the score), which will increase the excitement of the game.

The baseball bookie will set the handicap points, the player will choose to place their bet on team A to win the game under the advantage of the handicap (+), or place their bet on team B to overcome the disadvantage of the negative handicap (-) and still win the game.

– The Over/Under

The size of the bet is the sum of the scores of the two teams in the game.

The bookie will open according to the starting pitchers of the two sides of the game, and set a median value of the total score of the game.

You can predict the total score will be greater than or less than this intermediate value to place a bet.

– The Winning Margin

The winning bet is predicting the correct winning team and the final game score.

– The Inning HAD

Home and away fans place bets on the score after the first inning of the game.

The team with the highest score is the winning team. If the two teams do not score or the two teams score the same, then the result is a draw.

This gameplay gives you three options to place your bets on.

– The Even/Odd Total Run

The total score is a part of the game, and the bet placed is the total score of the game as single or double.

Sportsbook Malaysia: American Football

American Football Catch Ball

American Football is immensely popular in the United States. While it may not be so well known in Asia, you may have heard people at your workplace or around town talking about their favorite pro or college teams, but chances are you’ve never watched a game and have no idea what’s going on.

No worries, we’ll give you a good introduction to American Football and how you can bet on it to win big money.


NFL Logo

The National Football League or NFL is America’s favourite professional sports league.

It tops the business value income among four major sports leagues in North America.

The NFL Final Super Bowl has grown in popularity throughout America and other parts of the world. It has grown into an unofficial festival that has become an American celebration.

The American Football Format

The NFL currently has a total of 32 teams, divided into the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

1. How to enter the Playoffs

  • Each conference has four groups.
  • Each group has 6 teams advancing to the playoffs.

2. The Playoffs

  • The top 12 teams from the 4 groups come together in the Playoffs. There is a seeding system based on the probability of winning the Superbowl.
  • The two teams with the best record in the league have the advantage of not playing in the first round of the Playoffs – receiving a Bye (This means the team with the Bye gets a free pass and gets to skip a week of play, before the next scheduled playoff game).

3. The Superbowl

Kiss The Superbowl

The finals of the NFL, called the Superbowl is played by two league champions.

The Superbowl has become the most important game in the North American professional sports industry. The ratings and broadcast rights received for these are the highest in America.

The 5 American Football Betting Methods

Bill Counter

Let’s start talking about betting and the factors affecting American football odds.

There are many ways to bet on American football, and we’ll introduce you to the most recommended 5 methods of NFL betting.

The main NFL betting methods are:

  1. The Handicap
  2. Don’t give up (MoneyLine)
  3. Big/Small (Over/Under)
  4. Single-section host and guest (Quarter HAD)
  5. Odd/Even Total points

These betting methods are similar to those in basketball betting games. You can read about it above.

The competition time determined by the bookie only takes into account of outcomes within the regular game of 90 minutes duration, including injury time.

Factors affecting American Football odds

The wide receiver in the game of American football receives the most attention. However, the quarterback is the soul of the team, acting as the offensive engine.

The Quarterback Influences The Odds

American Football Long Pass

If the team’s main quarterback is reported to be injured, it’ll greatly affect the team’s performance. This, in turn, will have a huge impact on the results and betting odds.

When placing bets on American Football, make sure you have a clear and thorough understanding of the teams’:

– Quarterback skill level

– Accurately judge the skill level of the substitute quarterback

[Fun Fact: Star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers earns $33.5 million a year!]

You can add an advantage to your bet when the main quarterback is injured.

Sportsbook Malaysia: Ice Hockey Intro

Ice Hockey Stormtrooper

Ice hockey is popular in northern America, mainly Canada.

Ice hockey is a match between two teams, each having six players, who wear ice skates and compete in an ice rink.

The objective is to propel a vulcanized rubber disk, known as a “puck”, into the opponent’s net to score points.

The National Hockey League is also referred to as the NHL. One of the top four major professional sports in North America and the highest level ice hockey league in the world.

Ice Hockey Pic

The Basic Rules of Hockey

A regular NHL game is divided into three periods, over 60 minutes, with a short break between each period:

  • First Period: 20 minutes
  • Break: 15 minutes
  • Second Period: 20 minutes
  • Break: 15 minutes
  • Third Period: 20 minutes


  • After the regular game is over and the two teams are still tied, they’ll go into overtime.
  • Overtime is for 5 minutes, using the Golden Ball format, where whichever team scores first becomes the winning team of the match.

If there’s still no winner after overtime:

  • The two teams will send three players for a penalty shootout until a winner is determined.
NHL logo

The NHL format

NHL currently has 31 teams:

  • Eastern Conference: 16 teams
  • Western Conference: 15 teams

NHL schedule:

  • Each team plays a total of 82 games per season.
  • Home: 41 games
  • Away: 41 games

The Playoffs

The top three teams in the two league divisions advance to the playoffs. The two remaining teams with the best record scored obtain wild cards to join the playoffs:

  • Eastern Alliance: 6
  • Western Union: 6
  • Wild card: 2

The Stanley Cup

  • Winners of the playoffs with a 7-game winning streak.
  • The champion will be called the Stanley Cup East and West Division Champions.
Hockey Team in America

Sportsbook Malaysia: Betting on Ice Hockey

Bunny Count Bill

Although Ice Hockey isn’t a popular sport outside the Americas, this guide will give you a good introduction to the sport, so you can bet on the major league matches online.

At times, their payouts are pretty good, and their matches can be quite predictable.

The ice hockey leagues that are usually offered by sports betting sites around the world are NHL and KHL (Kontinental Hockey League).

Here are the main methods available:

  1. Home or Away team (Full-Time Result)
  2. Give ball (Handicap Result)
  3. Big/Small (Over/Under)
  4. Single-section, Home & Away (Quarter HAD)
  5. Total score single and double (Odd/Even Total Points)

Ice hockey is similar to football. In general, the average total score of ice hockey is about 5 goals, so the ice hockey bets are mostly based by 5:5:

  • 1.5·5 or more
  • 5·5 or below

In addition, ice hockey betting is based on the results of the 60-minute regular game, excluding the extra time and single-handed goals, similar to football betting.

Let’s Get To Betting on Some Sports!

Now that you’ve got enough information on sport betting to get you started, which sport interests you the most?

Leave a comment below or share this article with a friend to get their opinion…

Our favorite is always Football Betting, as it’s the most popular and offers very interesting betting options.

Let’s pick your favorite sport now, and make a visit to a renowned sports betting provider, e.g. iBET, to put your knowledge to the test.

Should you feel that you need further help while you’re there, their 24 hour friendly LiveChat and helpful Customer Support is always on standby to help.

Another tip: to further alleviate your sports betting fears, it’s best when you can live stream your matches and watch your betting outcomes live.

Many sport betting websites, like iBET, offer Free Sports Live Streaming when you sign up with them.

You can check that out right here.

For other Game Reviews or Online Bettings Tips, check out our other articles.

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