To Win at Slots Betting Games Video Poker

Live poker is a type of electronic games. It’s easy to play as in Malaysia Top Slots Game-room, and the interface is also user-friendly. You can enjoy winning the prizes without using difficult techniques. Let’s follow our Game Introduction to learn how to play live poker!

Features of Online Slots’ Video Poker Game


Online Betting Video Poker Slots Basic Rules

  1. Live poker is on a basis of five cards. Every set of five playing cards is called “a poker hand”.
  2. Each player will get five cards after deciding how much to wager on every poker hand.
  3. You can select the cards you’d like to hold in your five cards and draw new cards to substitute for the ones you don’t want to keep before showing your cards.
  4. You can know your prize by checking the categories and results in game rules.
iBET Online Casino Slot Game Introduction-Video Poker


The Basic Categories to Win The Online Slots Prizes

You will win the corresponding prize when you have a hand of cards in a category. Please note that the prizes will vary among different gaming platforms.

iBET Online Casino Slot Game Introduction-Video Poker

Slot Betting Method of Multiple Poker Hands

You can play multiple poker hands simultaneously, such as “5 hands”, “10 hands”, “50 hands” and “100 hands”. The playing method is the same no matter how many poker hands you’d like to play. The advantage of playing multiple hands is to enhance the changes of winning the prizes.


Play Online Slots Malaysia 10 Hands Simultaneously

Take 10 hands as an example, when the player chooses to hold two aces, the aces in the rest 9 hands will be held automatically to increase the chances of winning.

iBET Online Casino Slot Game Introduction-Video Poker


Betting Online Video Poker 50 hands simultaneously

Playing more hands at the same time means the chances of winning is relatively higher, yet it also increases your bet amounts. You would have much fun in live poker when you play based on a balance between the bet amount and the chances of winning.


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iBET Online Casino Slot Game Introduction-Video Poker

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