Asia Casino Guide: Introduction of 2020 Li Chun

Dear friends, how did do in the year 2019? With a blink of an eye, we have entered the New Year of 2020! If looking back at the fortune you have had in 2019 send a shiver down your spine, then you should not miss the chance to renew your fortune luck during this Spring. 

Li Chun in 2020 will fall on the 4th of February (Tuesday). Not only is Li Chun an important date to the people in Malaysia, but astrologically, Li Chun is also considered the first day of the New Year and a day where new luck will manifest. 

That is why it is believed that praying for better things on this day will ultimately be realized. 

So, what are some of the activities Malaysians do during Li Chun? Do they feast on any special delicacies to welcome Li Chun? 

In this article, we will dive deeper into the culture and practices of Li Chun in Malaysia. We have also specifically come up with 7 ways on how to get lucky during Li Chun. 

We hope with the tips and methods shared to you in this article will help make all your wishes come true, and bless you with an abundance of wealth, happiness and prosperity throughout the whole year!


Save Money for Good Luck during Li-Chun

Li-Chun Best Timing to Deposit 2020

Malaysians practice the habit of money-saving and bringing in good fortune during Li Chun. Many people believe that if they put on a brand-new shirt that is red and deposit money in the bank following the auspicious timing of their zodiac during Li Chun, it will bring good luck to the New Year. Astrologists also specifically share that putting a certain amount of banknotes in your wallet is also one of the subtle ways to contribute to your luck.


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5 Li Chun Activities in Malaysia

Following the idiom that goes “A year’s planning lies in Spring”, Li Chun has always been a major and an important traditional celebration. Many will organize lively and vibrant activities or festivals to welcome Li Chun. 

Have you wondered what sort of activities people in our home country do during Li Chun to pray for blessing and luck? Let us walk you through it!


(1) You Chun (Spring Outing) 

5 Li Chun Activities in Malaysia - You Chun (Spring Outing) 

You Chun is a day where the public dresses up and begins their outing. 

The participants standing at the front of the You Chun parade will dress up to look like roosters, while the ones standing at the back of the parade will carry a massive Spring Bull figure. 

A portion of people will dress up either as a young shepherd, a big-headed doll delivering peaches, or a swallow. 

A You Chun (Spring outing) signifies the commencement of sight-seeing during Spring. Until Dragon Boat festival arrives, any day is an opportune time to do a Spring tour. 

A day of You Chun is called Tan Chun (Spring outing) during Li Chun. 


(2) Exchange Gifts and Greetings (The Giving and Welcoming of Spring) 

The act of exchanging gifts and visiting one another creates a harmonious and delightful ambiance. 

When you are giving gifts to a person, it is called Song Chun (to “send” Spring to). On the other hand, when you are visiting, it is called Bai Chun (the worshipping of Spring).  

  1. Spring Bull: Folk artists create small bull figurines from clay, called “Spring Bull”.
    Spring Bull
  2. Picture of a Spring Bull: Hang a picture of a Spring Bull drawn on a yellow paper on the wall. The color yellow signifies land, and the Spring Bull signifies cultivation.
    Picture of a Spring Bull
  3. Chun Wa: A doll made out of silk named “Chun Wa” (Spring doll) is adorned on children.
    Chun Wa


(3) Decorate with Yi Chun Calligraphy or Painting 

Decorate with Yi Chun Calligraphy or Painting

Each household should decorate their houses with Yi Chun painting or calligraphy and auspicious greetings. 

Your greetings [expression related to Yi Chun] and paintings [drawings related to Yi Chun] can contain subjects such as [Welcoming the Spring Season], [The Celebration of Spring], [The Vibrance of Spring], and [the Blossoming of Spring Flowers]. 

(4) Build a Bird’s Nest 

Build a Bird’s Nest

Not only are swallows the Li Chun news bearers and messengers, but they are also symbolling of happiness and auspiciousness. That is why many people will build a bird’s nest either in the center of their living room or under the eaves. As long as you can place a small padding on the purlin of your living room or on the walls of the eaves with a note that writes Chun Ying Lai Chao (the Arrival of Spring Swallows), it will naturally attract swallows to build their nests at your spot. 


Malaysia Top 4 Li Chun Delicacies

In the section below, we will be recommending some of the delicacies Malaysians feast on during Li Chun. Let’s take a look and find out what are some of the foods!  


(1) Spring Pancake

Spring Pancake


(2) Spring Platter 

Put vegetables, fruits, and rock sugar cookies into a plate to make a platter (or assemble a platter out of these ingredients). Then, gift this to your close relatives, friends or savor it yourself to celebrate Li Chun. 

Spring Platter


(3) Spring Rolls (Silk Spring Rolls)  

Spring Rolls (Silk Spring Rolls)

(4) Radish 

The story that goes “During Chun Li, there isn’t a noble or humble way to chew on a radish.” has made radish a type of food that “bites on” Li Chun.



2020 How to Get Luck during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks

We have specially put together 7 ways to get lucky during the 2020 Li Chun which you can practice or put to good use. 

There is also a portion of people that believe, as long as you do charitable activities during Li Chun, you will be blessed with smooth sailing throughout the New Year and good luck. 


1. Keep Yourself in a Joyful Mood

Put good words in your mouth as you speak and be careful not to get angry or scold someone. When you put a smile on your face and keep yourself in a cheerful state of mind the entire time, good luck will come to you automatically! 

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 1
2. Absorb the Energy from the Sun to Receive Good Fortune

According to traditional practices, if you wake up this morning and bask your pillows or bed sheets under the sun, you can bring the Li Chun energy and good fortune into your household. 

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 2 


3. Stuff Your Wallet to the Brim 

Make sure your wallet has money all the time. At the same time, keep some Ang Pao (Chinese red packet) with you anywhere you go. This way, good fortune will be attracted to you automatically like a magnet! 

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 3

4. Wear Something New and Red 

Red color has always been a prosperous and HUAT color. On such auspicious day, put on new red clothing to attract the arrival of Hao Yun Ye, the Chinese God of Fortune!

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 4 


5. Be One with Nature and Immerse Yourself with Mother Earth 

Head outside and take a walk! Keep your mood light and feel the warmth of the sun. Connecting yourself with Mother Nature is also one of the simple ways to attract good fortune!

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 5

6. Egg Balancing  

According to traditional beliefs, if you can stand and balance an egg on its end, you will be blessed with good luck throughout the whole year!

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 6


7. Start Saving Money in the Bank and Build Your Wealth!

The part that is most special and worth exploring is yet to come! If you visit the bank during Li Chun and deposit money following the combination of your Zodiac and the Auspicious Li Chun Money-Saving table, you are bound to be blessed with an abundance of good luck and prosperity!  

2020 How to Get Lucky during Li Chun with 7 Sure Tricks - 7


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