Microgaming - MG Live Casino Game Room Introduction

The Microgaming (MG) Game Room is the first developer in the world to enter the casino industry. In 2016, the "Millions of Banknotes" online game was introduced. The first prize renewed the Guinness World Record at 17.9 million euros, making the players around the globe go nuts over it. Today, i8 will introduce this partner extensively. Microgaming plays an important role in the betting industry.

Unique Features of MG Game Room

MG Game Room has launched more than 850 online games with as many as 1200 types of gameplay methods. No matter its online poker, bingo or sports betting, their games have a huge number of fans. In 2006, the live casino games were introduced. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and other popular games can all be found at MG.

Since 2004, they have been committed in developing games for mobile devices. Now, they have more than 350 games that can be played using mobile devices. They also continuously improves their virtual and live games for players to have a fresh experience every time they play.

3 biggest selling points of MG Game Room

When it comes to MG game room, people will always think of their most iconic MG slot games. Everyone should get to know their fast-moving live casino games. Here are some of the most popular live casino games and the most special aspect of MG game room. Take a look now!

The players’ favourite, Baccarat. A clear and organized room image which splits into two sections of Bonus baccarat and classic baccarat. Multiple live dealers will greet each player in different game rooms. You can enter the game right away on a click of a button.

Besides having a live video dealer in the live roulette game, the betting interface is clear and easy to understand. The statistics table in the upper left corner of the screen allows a player to view the betting results at any time so that he or she can play at ease!

MG partners with Playboy to create a whole new visual experience. Live dealers that dress up as Playboy’s bunnies in live casino game room is a unique selling point. Players are treated to a visual feast while they enjoy the excitement from betting.

i8 x Microgaming partnering to create the MG live casino game room

MG Game Room partners with i8 platform to create the best quality game platform for our players. It has an easier operating interface and a 24-hour online customer service to solve the problems encountered by players in the game at any time. This is also to enhance the gaming experience of the players. The best quality game developer with the most perfect platform, the strongest combination only at i8!

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Still not fully satisfied after having a round of Microgaming live casino games? The loyal fans of MG game can also experience some completely different slot machines at the MG slot game room. If you only like live casino games, afraid not. Besides MG game room, i8 also partners with BBIN games, fulfilling your desire once and for all.


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